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With tighter margins and increasing regulations, the refining industry has become a challenging industrial market sector. There is increasing demand for efficient refining processes that yield higher quality and environmentally acceptable products. In late 2009, Badger and ExxonMobil met the challenge, offering BenzOUT™ Technology to the refining industry. This technology allows refiners a cost effective solution to lower benzene content in gasoline without utilizing hydrogen while increasing the volume and octane value of the motor gasoline pool.

BenzOUT™ Technology

BenzOUT™ technology is a reformate alkylation process that converts benzene into high octane alkylaromatic blending components by reacting benzene-rich streams with light olefins such as refinery grade propylene. 

Developed by ExxonMobil and licensed through Badger Licensing LLC, this patented technology avoids the octane loss and hydrogen consumption associated with alternative options of benzene saturation. This development expands upon Badger's long experience in ethylbenzene and cumene technology widely applied in the chemical industry. 



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