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Overview of our proven technologies

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From its entry into styrene technology approximately 55 years ago, Badger has maintained its place as a reliable provider of leading-edge technologies.

Today, we continue to maintain state-of-the-art styrene technologies, and have expanded our expertise into zeolite catalyzed aromatic alkylation technologies, bisphenol A technology, and isopropanol technology.

Explore Our Technologies

At Badger, we look beyond the task of developing technologies to better understand and address what is important to you, our customers, and how your return on investment can evolve with your needs. We focus not only on how our technologies can affect your bottom line today, but how they can offer a continued return on your investment in the future.

Benefits & Features

Superior Catalysts

  • High product purities
  • Long life cycles 
  • High yield 


Low Operations Cost 

  • Low utilities/energy 
  • High on-steam factor 
  • High yields

Low Capital Costs

  • Tailored design
  • Smaller equipment
  • Low catalyst loads


Plant Life Support 

  • Performance monitoring
  • Technology improvement studies
  • Expansion studies

Design Experience

  • Revamp/debottleneck
  • Feed flexibility
  • Site integration

​The Ingenuity Behind Proven Technologies

"At Badger we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and successful process technology solutions, utilizing resources efficiently for our customers."

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