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Plant Checkout and Commissioning

During the final stages of plant construction, Badger senior staff is at the facility to assure that the installation is complete and in accordance with design documents and to assist in making the unit ready to accept feedstock. Our staff inspects vessels and other process equipment to ensure that necessary internals and other attachments are in place and properly installed, as well as the piping to verify it is complete and in accordance with piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing (P&ID) requirements. Finally, the staff reviews control systems to establish that control loops, interlocks, indicators, and other components are complete and functional, and makes suggestions for reasonable modifications to enhance safety and operability if needed.

Startup Assistance

To assist the licensee in the operation of its new unit, as well as to ensure that the licensed plant meets its performance targets, Badger has designated plant startup staff to assist the plant operating staff. This staff reviews and explains general plant operating procedures with the plant staff, as well as monitors plant performance, and provides suggestions regarding optimization of control settings. The staff also provides trouble-shooting expertise to support plant personnel to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the licensed plant.

Performance Test Run

The final step in ensuring the licensed plant meets its performance targets is a Performance Test Run. Badger's staff is a resident at the site. Observations are made and recommendations are provided to the plant staff to bring the plant to full capacity and to stabilize the unit's control parameters. In cooperation with the plant staff, Badger will record plant operating information and analytical data prior to and during the test run period. The startup staff makes recommendations for adjustments to plant operating parameters as required during the test run period. At the end of the test run period, the startup staff analyzes the operating information and analytical data and calculates plant performance criteria.