We are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and successful process technology solutions.



Badger Licensing has maintained its place as a reliable provider of leading-edge technologies.



Badger has access to a state-of-art research and development facility owned by its parent company, Technip Energies.


Badger Licensing

A Big-Picture Perspective


Badger Licensing was formed in 2003, formalizing a relationship begun nearly 50 years ago when an enterprising engineering company partnered with petrochemical manufacturers to develop ethylbenzene and styrene technologies. The technology portfolio expanded from that platform to include the additional alkylation-based technologies designed to make cumene and to remove benzene from motor gas (BenzOUT™ technology), as well as technology to make the important cumene derivative bisphenol A.

Badger continues to maintain the commitment to providing our customers best-in-class technologies with our team of dedicated professionals extending our service beyond basic package design, through the entire construction phase and additional support on an as-needed basis after start-up.

Badger Licensing

The Ingenuity Behind Proven Technologies

"At Badger we are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and successful process technology solutions, utilizing resources efficiently for our customers."


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At Badger, we look beyond the task of developing technologies to better understand and address what is important to you, our customers, and how your return on investment can evolve with your needs. We focus not only on how our technologies can affect your bottom line today, but how they can offer a continued return on your investment in the future.


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