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Badger Licensing Provides New Technology for Existing Bisphenol A Plants in Yeosu, Korea

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BOSTON (May 30, 2017) – Badger Licensing LLC (Badger) today announced that LG Chem, Ltd. (LG Chem) has successfully started commercial operation of a new unit utilizing Badger’s proprietary advanced residue recovery technology in LG Chem’s existing bisphenol A (BPA) facilities in Yeosu, Korea. The BPA plants in Yeosu are the first in the world to utilize the new residue recovery technology. The startup occurred within 11 months after the award of the contract, which included technology license, process design, and start-up services.

LG Chem operates two BPA plants at the Yeosu site, in addition to one BPA plant at their Daesan, Korea, site, all licensed from Badger. The new residue recovery unit is integrated into the existing Yeosu facilities. “LG Chem has established themselves as a leading producer of BPA over the last decade, and one of the largest in Asia,” said Dana Johnson, president of Badger. “Implementation of Badger’s newly developed technology will significantly improve raw material consumption at their two BPA plants in Yeosu, and will extend their leadership position in a competitive and challenging market. This technology further enhances Badger’s bisphenol A portfolio, and can be added as a standalone unit into any bisphenol A plant. Badger is very pleased to work with LG Chem to commercialize this exciting new technology.”

Bisphenol A is a precursor to the production of epoxy resins and polycarbonate. Nearly 1.7 million metric tons of BPA capacity has been licensed by Badger since the technology was first offered for license in 2001.

Badger Licensing LLC, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a venture of affiliates of TechnipFMC and ExxonMobil. Badger Licensing is principally engaged in developing, marketing, and licensing technologies for ethylbenzene, styrene monomer, cumene and bisphenol A.

Media Contact: Diane Saraceno 1.617.748.7217 info@badgerlicensing.com
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